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Welcome to Hazy 420, the ultimate arts and music festival that was at the center of cannabis culture. This past holiday was an unforgettable night filled with great music, local vendors, stunning art, and even better friends. Hosted in the heart of Los Angeles at a beautiful location in the Art's District, Hazy 420 celebrated the incredible diversity and creativity of the canna-community.

Our lineup of musical performers was incredible, with a mix of genres that made festival-goers dance and feel the good vibes all night long. As they walked through the grounds, they were surrounded by local vendors showcasing their unique creations, from handmade jewelry and clothing to cannabis inspired art pieces.

And of course, we made sure to satisfy everyone's cravings with a variety of food trucks offering mouthwatering options, from vegan dishes to classic treats. Energy was kept high and taste buds were satisfied with our delicious food options.

Whether attendees were seasoned enthusiasts or simply looking to enjoy a night of great music, art, and good company, Hazy 420 was the place to be. We brought together the spirit of cannabis culture - celebrating the beauty of life, love, and art in the heart of LA.

Performances by:

Brandon Coleman // Wild Wild Wets // Los Shadows

Emi Grace // Vida Moxy // DJ Selfish Irv

April 20th, 2023



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