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October 5th-6th, 2022



Wanting to bring a dive-bar experience to Hall of Flowers, Pabst tasked us with the goal of showcasing their brand in a way that speaks to their true legacy, but also captures the evolution and progression of their story stepping into cannabis. Our goal was to build an activation that felt like you were walking into your local bar after a long day at work to get your favorite drink and see your favorite bartender. 

Similar to past Hazy projects, we designed a Pabst booth that can be deconstructed in a variety of configurations and sizes to extend the life beyond the trade show floor. We created a custom, 8' round reclaimed wood bar, 4' neon sign, and nine faux brick walls to fit into their 10'x 20' activation space. Additional we curated and designed custom fixtures that ranged from branded guitars, to skate decks, bicycle, iconic bar stools, and a custom glass door refrigerator. 


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