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The 420 Stash & Bash at Highway Cannabis Co's Marina del Rey dispensary was a one-of-a-kind all day event experience for cannabis lovers. Special guest performer, Tyga, added an extra level of excitement to the event, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to meet and interact with the hip hop legend. The event brought together a diverse crowd of people who were passionate about cannabis, music, and art. From the moment attendees arrived, they were greeted with an atmosphere that was lively, energetic, and welcoming. The event featured a range of activities that catered to different interests, ensuring that there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Throughout the day, guests were treated to a variety of entertainment, including live music performances, DJ sets, and interactive experiences.Food and beverage vendors were also available on-site, serving up delicious treats and refreshing drinks. In addition to the festivities, the event was a featured stop on the Venice Art Walk that evening. Local artists displayed their artwork, showcasing their talent and creativity to a captivated audience.

Performances by:

Tyga // Vindata // DJ Colourvision

April 20th, 2023



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