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Tips for Throwing Your Next Cannabis Event

Find out how to maximize your guests' experience and what to keep in mind for your next event.

#1 Vibe With The Venue

The party starts with the venue, so it's crucial that your event space is unique and can accommodate all of your guests comfortably. Houses, lofts, and backyards are great for intimate dinners, sponsored nights, and curated parties. If you are looking for something that can hold the masses, commercial properties are your best bet. Warehouses, parking lots, and other large properties maximize your attendance capabilities.

Solid venues have a good mix of decorations, foliage, acoustics, and lighting. Good views always help too.

#2 Timing Is Everything

A good date is just as important as a good venue. For example, an industry specific event historically has higher attendance on a weekday than weekend. Consumer events are vice-versa.

#3 Simplify the RSVP and Check-In Process

People don't show up to events they think will have trouble getting into or be turned away. It's important to make the check-in process as smooth and seamless as possible so that your guests remember your awesome event, not waiting in line for it.

#4 Build a Sense of Community

One of the biggest reasons people attend events is to meet new people. Having a good mix of industry buyers, influencers, professionals, and consumers as well as non-industry professionals is a safe bet for guests to make new connections.

It's important as a host to see old friends and also make new ones. Your actions as the host sway the overall vibe of the party. If you are only talking to your friends and people you already know, your attendees will follow suit. This may cause the event to become cliquey, non-communal, and guests leaving early.

#5 Experiential Activations For Social Media

The trend of a 10'x10' booth is dying rapidly and being replaced with genuine originality and experiences. There is little value in having a 6' table set up with two chairs behind and branded pamphlets or materials out for display.

In our experience, custom work brings the most value. Styles like dab bars, roll-your-own stations, smoking lounges, and strain-tasting flights all bring a new level of remembrance for attendees.

Content is king these days, making event coverage a new specialization. As host, you want not only your own content crew to capture footage all night, but you also want your guests to spread content on their own profiles.

Unique lighting, brand activations, photo opportunities, an inviting atmosphere, and a good event space all make for quality social media content.

#6 Strong Follow Up Game

The event doesn't end on the night. Now beings the follow up game of photos, videos, and other pieces of content to post. The coming weeks should be used to keep the engagement growing on social media and with in-person meetings.