• Hazy

Packing for Your Next Cannabis Festival

When it comes to festivals, there is a lot that organizers tend to overcharge for, not provide, or forget to include. Here are the most commons things you should take with you when attending your next cannabis event.

Festival-Approved Backpack

It's important to check with your specific festival to see what they do and do not allow. Typically, consumer festivals only allow clear backpacks or fanny packs through the gates. Either way, having a bag is essential for storing your stash and holding all of the festival merch and goodies you pick up along the way.

Towel or Blanket

If the event is hosted outside, you may want to pack a blanket or towel to relax and roll one on without getting dirty. Bring a rolling tray while you are at it and set up shop.


Why bring more than one lighter? More likely than not, over the course of the festival your lighter will mysteriously disappear. Having backups is always a good idea. While you are at it you might as well include a hemp wick and a pack of matches, just in case.

Protective Mouthpiece

Be sure to carry along a protective mouthpiece to use when socially smoking. It is important to keep passing germs to a minimum and ensuring that you and your community are safe. Some of our favorites include Moose Labs mouthpiece filter and of course the Raw ring that doubles as a smoking device.

Reusable Water Bottle

The cottonmouth is real when it comes to cannabis events. Most festivals will have a water station to fill up. Make sure you bring your reusable water bottle to have on hand at all times.


Don't forget to pack your bags with some of your favorite products to smoke and share with friends. It's the best being able to introduce new products to new friends and learning of a few new brands yourself along the way.


Most festivals will provide food for purchase. However, if you are on the go and stoned it's nice to have snacks handy for between meals. Granola bars are always a good call and gummies for the munchies.


Content is key for these festivals. It's important to document all of the magic happening. Depending on what type of festival, it can be beneficial to hire a photographer or a team to follow you around. This way you can make sure you are networking properly, having a great time but also capturing every moment.