• Hazy

Promoting Your Next Event on Social Media

One of the biggest challenges brands face when throwing events is getting a consistent number of people to show up. Here's some tips we hope will help.

The Basics

When used in the right way, social media can be a tool to unify people and generate genuine influence. It can be the main way to invite guests to an event or promote a product.

Set The Vibe

The amount of time you have to make an impression or attract your audience's attention online is minuscule.

Engagement comes from posts that pop off the page, are easy to read, and simple to understand. Be wary of cluttering your event flyer with text or sponsor logos and keep your points concise.

One of the biggest turn offs for people when deciding whether or not to attend your event is seeing how difficult it's going to be to get in.

It's important to make feel people welcome, and to keep the arrival process as easy and smooth as possible.

Getting People There

You may opt in to keep your address public or only release the details through a guest's RSVP email.

If you do send out details to your events, it's best to give your attendees the smoothest process possible in finding out the most relevant information to them - the address. The address should be one of the first thing's your guests read, with any other information following.

Essentially, keep your most relevant information at the top. Date, address, start and end time, using Ride Share, activations or activities, etc.

Follow Up

The hype on social media doesn't end when your event does. If anything, you want attention to grow after the event. That's why event coverage is imperative. Having a content team on-site capturing photo and video is the best way to ensure you have enough content banked to post online after your event.