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What Goes Into A Grow?

How is compliant flower grown in enough volume to fill demand? Find out here.

No two grows are exactly alike. But, they each typically have similar building blocks. You can use our guide to create a shot list of must haves.

What To Bring

When deciding what camera equipment to bring, it's important to have a general idea in your head of what the final project will look like. Shooting on a Wide Angle lens v. 50mm lens is a world of a difference, and provide two different frames for a video.

With video, you can opt in to capture audio or just overlay music to your weed porn shots. Both are fire.

What To Look For

Like we mentioned earlier, cultivations typically use the same building blocks to create their grow. Each will usually have rooms for vegetation, flowering, drying, trimming, packaging, genetics, nutrient mixing and storage, etc.


Grow facilities will each have their veg rooms, where the plants first grow. Plants will stay there for a few weeks, and then be transferred to the main flowering rooms.

Flowering & Harvesting

This is where you'll probably get the best weed porn shots. Each room typically has more than one strain inside, so be sure to examine a few different rows of plants. These rooms will either be growing or harvesting, depending on the cultivators growing schedule.


Newly harvested plants come here. This room is where you'll see the untrimmed plants hung up and drying.

This provides great content opportunities for rows and rows of massive, drying plants.


After completing the drying the process, the plants are sent off to trim. This is where human hands create the final product. Finished product is usually placed in large storage bins as they await final packaging.


You may or may not be able to see how the cultivator packages their final product. We at least hope you get to sample some at the end of the tour.

Behind the Scenes

Every once in a while your tour guide will show you what the cultivation is working on. Things like genetics rooms, male and female plant breeding, etc. are what truly makes each grow unique.

It's best to ask your cultivator or tour guide on what makes their grow stand above the rest.