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Getting Your Product on Shelves

What goes into getting a fully compliant retail product on dispensary shelves? Find out below.

It can be rough out there, but Hazy is here to help. Through our experience, these are the 'must-haves' to make the retail process as smooth as possible. Not all retailers are as strict with the guidelines or require as many steps as others (not sure if we can say that)

Purchase Quotes

Purchase Quotes from dispensaries can be exciting for brands, with the hope of seamlessly distributing their product to the store and getting paid for the order. But the fact is they're Purchase Quotes, not Purchase Orders; and a lot can change between PQ and Final PO.

PQ's establish an ask for a certain number of SKU's from a brand, and it then becomes the brand responsibility to accept, deny, or modify based on available inventory.

The journey is far from over, now comes one of the longest steps - compliance.

Compliance Check

Because of the nature of our industry, we live in a heavily regulated market. Products that are on retailer's shelves are all tracked and accounted for. There are no questions as to what they are selling.

The main points of a retailer's compliance check comes down to Certificates Of Analysis, COA's, and product labeling and packaging.

It's important to have the necessary text and labels on your packaging to avoid delays or cancellations with orders.

Purchase Order

Congratulations, you passed the compliance check and have received your Purchase Order! Now all you have to do is make sure your product arrives at the retailer at the drop-off time, pass product intake, and get paid on the order. Sound easy enough?

*It's imperative you or your distributor hits this window to avoid rejection at intake. Then you won't be collecting any money.

Collecting Payment

The journey doesn't stop with the Purchase Order, now it's time to get paid! You'll rarely find a retailer that pays Cash On Delivery, COD, most are on some form of NET terms.

If you find a COD retailer, let us know, we've only found about 6 in Los Angeles County.

Follow Up Re-Order

Some retailers won't tell you when they sell out of your product. It's great to have a sales team to assist with the follow up and securing consistent re-orders or have your CRM set up with automatic reminders.

Crop that crust! Land that loaf! Bake that bread!